What would Tami Taylor read?

Eric: Let’s see… Wednesday, oh gee, there’s book club tonight.
Tami: No, I don’t want to go to book club. Those ladies are crazy.
Eric: Oh hell yes, you do want to go to book club.

Clear Eyes, Full Shelves is a blog for readers with smarts and sass.

On Clear Eyes, Full Shelves, we review books—both new releases and backlist titles, chat about our love of genre fiction, evangelize about our favorite books and authors and share our opinions about readerly issues. As of March 2013, we also produce a podcast featuring in-depth discussion of books and reader issues, and the occasional non-reading topic such as movies and television or feminism and popular culture.

We’re also big fans of television and movies, so we sometimes talk about those things too—we’re not all books, all the time (just most of the time). 

All of us live in the Portland, Oregon metro area and belong to the same book club, so we get to go beyond the blog and hang out and talk books in person, which is incredibly fun. 

What’s with the name, “Clear Eyes, Full Shelves”?

Oh, Grasshopper, let us introduce you to Coach Eric Taylor from the Greatest Television Show Ever, Friday Night Lights…

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